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Hello everyone. I'm new here, so i'll tell you a bit about myself. I've been a poet since i was little, but i'be been cutting for over a year now. I've tried to stop so many times, but it gets harder each time. I almost got sent to a mental health place for it too, but then i got my way out of that cuz i didnt want to be sent away because of this, i guess "addiction". I have over 300 cuts and scars on my body, and everytime i look at one the pain returns. Only one person has understood throughout this hard time, but it led to her starting too, and i blame myself for that. I dont know what to do. My other friend prays for me in hopes that "god" will make it better, i dont believe in praying. If there was a god, then it seems as if he doesnt care. I lie and tell my parents and brother that this cutting things is over, but its really not, its just hidden. A dark secret inside me. So i just wanted to join a community where people might understand me, unlike the rest of the world. I'm 15 years old, and a female. My name is Feather, but friends just call me Fay. I might not be updating alot here, but i'll update every now and then to let you guys know whats going on, and to read your entries too. I should get going now. Ciao
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