Kris Kidd (hatelovefear) wrote in poetic_cuts,
Kris Kidd


Endless thoughts of interior confinement
A streaming life called vagabond
I am like neoplasm and the world is like the body
I have no useful purpose but to be the antibody of an anthropomorphic world

It is a tragic thought to bare in mind
That we are unstable to realize we need nothing
I ask the questions of what we all want to know
And have concluded the answer...

We do not live in hell, nor do we live in heaven
We're not even living... we are all dead
When we no longer see the ones we love...
They are living...

A blind man can tell you how he sees the world
A mute man and can show you how he feels the world
I repent all life and quaff all their missteaks
For never listening, only being perfidy

I have opened my eyes to see through my illusions (Have you?)
Liquefy your thoughts, let them flow through
Empty your diminutive, dauntless minds
And crystalize your hearts

Push pass your cruxes and criterias
Wake up and harmonize your hellion soul
Inversionize what you have become
And bleed out your injustiful sanity

You will see... ...your illusions...
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