Kris Kidd (hatelovefear) wrote in poetic_cuts,
Kris Kidd

Profanity of Insanity

Time has come to an end
For all life to transend
To mend a broken heart
Watch my mind as it gose dark

What was I waiting for
Misery collapsed
Futures elapsed
I lost my soul and now I can't get it back

Transitive eyes
Transslander crys
To many sorrows
Unperfect questions
Unperfect whys

Give me the answer
I need the truth
My heart we explode
The world is hang by the sun's

I was just guessing
Nights and days
So little time
So many ways

Slowly I turned away
And killed everyone
Their pain was my truth
I had nothing left to gain

Let me stand alone on my mound of bones
Leave me be in my pain of passionate sorrows and borken homes
I walk on my isolated path way
Following no one as I slay

Give me death for what I have done
Cut me, hang me, shoot me with a gun
Create my world and kill me 3,000 times a day
Tell me I'm on the right path when I'm so far astray
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