Kris Kidd (hatelovefear) wrote in poetic_cuts,
Kris Kidd

Numb Feels Nothing Feels Something

What are feelings?
Is it something we touch?
Is it something we tast?
Is it something we see?
Is it even something at all?
Is it even for me?

When I look---my eyes bleed
When I touch---my hands bleed
When I bleed---I can see
Everything around me---everything
From the heavens to the sea
A world I feel---I feel nothing for me...

My heart dose not race.
When I hold someone tight
My soul dose not brace.
When I begin to see the light
I am empty---I am out of place
of the feelings I wish to tast.

Give me your feelings---I can not have
This empty hole---give me a plug
To cover up my numb soul...

I want to know, what it is you feel
So someday I will know---what its like
To heal one whole---please let me feel...

Numb---how can one feel numb
If numb feels nothing---Feeling nothing
is nothing to feel---When numb is nothing
You feel something.

My feelings I do have---but they hide
Like feeling sad---to ones self,
I am glad---I am greatful I feel
Nothing---something to feel
something to have...
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