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umm okay well apparently i've been invited to be a new maintainer for this community. i dont even think i've ever posted in this community, i've just watched it for a while. i'm lucy by the way. i've been a cutter for five years. i started in seventh grade. the first thing that ever triggered my cutting was my parent's divorce, but i have been diagnosed with clinical depression, and emotional problems (i have problems coping with my emotions, they are way out of control and i have difficulty handeling them). i have tried suicide countless times, but was not successful. i go to therapy and am on numerous medications. i have pictures of my cuts but i dont know how to put pictures under ljcuts. so if anyone wants to see pictures then you can email me @, just tell me that you're from lj and that you wana see my pictures. or you can just talk to me if you feel like talking. you can get my screen names in my profile. okay well i guess i'll go now. umm and feel free to talk to me anytime. oh ya i'm 16 years old too. i'll post more later.
<3 lucy
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