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Hang me

Hang me from my halter
I'm so alone, I have no family and friends...
I lived my life, free of regret
Only to find my self hanging from my neck

Hang me high, hang me low
Hang me for all the world to know
Show them love, show them pain
God I wish it would rain

My life is pleading, my hands are bleeding
I can't go on, please forgive me
I am so alone, left sitting on my death throne
Spinning like a cyclone, my mind left unknown

Hang me high, hang me low
Hang me like a shadow show
Show them love, show them pain
God's smoking his cocaine

Tell them the truth, tell 'em why
I am left hanging in front of your eyes
I am alone, I am blind
Thank you, your so kind

Hang me low, hang me high
hang me over the public's eye
I want no one last breath
Gods laughing as I am put to my death

(God is talking)
He is hanging in front of you here today
For the following reasons I am going to say
Roll once, roll twice
And someday you'll pay the price
Being different, being nice
There only numbers on dice
A precise mind can be redefind
As mankind begins to unwind
But for him, he wanted to intertwine
With the things people had left behind
To be one with obliviousness
Good thing he wont be missed

Hang me low, hang me high
Hang me somewhere in the sky
Show me love, show me pain
God had finaly explain'd
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